We believe that buying a used vehicle is a great investment where you are able to save thousands of dollars as compared to buying a new one. Our mission is to help people mitigate the risk of buying a used vehicle when it comes to repairs. Being in touch with thousands of customers, one thing we saw over and over, everyone has great expectationswhen buying a vehicle, they want to most use with the least amount of headaches and hassles from the vehicle over the time they own it. Those hopes quickly disappear with an unexpected repair! Our mission is to help people avoid the stress and financial hardship that comes from unexpected repairs.

So here is what we do. We work to make our plans simple to understand what is covered and not covered. We put it all out there so you can see what coverage best suits your needs. The better the coverage the lower your risk of a repair not being covered so we try to help you understand what is and is not covered.

Thank you for considering Owl Warranty!

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The Owl Warranty Team

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